Anatomy of the Nakshatras

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Anatomy of the Nakshatras is a student book which I prepared especially for the participants of my ongoing Nakshatra Course, in order to support them in their research and learning process. You will find 5 visual slides for each nakshatra:

1. Nakshatra placement in the zodiac: the exaltation and debilitation signs of the nakshatra lord. In the manifested universe everything is interconnected. Nothing exists independently. You can learn a lot about the nature of the nakshatra just by relating it to the exaltation and debilitation placements of its nakshatra lord.

2. Detailed information on each nakshatra pada: every nakshatra has 4 quarters with their own unique qualities, such as vibration, element, gender, maturity, motivation, navamsha rashi and personality traits.

3. Anatomy of the nakshatra: you will find all the special degrees integrated into one visual chart, marked in a visually attractive way. My aim is to make it easier for you to research and memorise them. These special degrees include yogataras, amrita nadis, visha nadis, gandantas, pushkara bhagas, mrityu bhagas, exaltation, debilitation and mulatrikona degrees of the grahas. Vargottama, pushkaramsha and ashtamamsha padas are also included in these slides.

4. Navatara nakshatras and special taras: since everything is interconnected, each nakshatra has a different relationship with one another. You will find a detailed table of the Navatara scheme and their meanings.

5. Nakshatra vedhas: or so-called “nakshatra aspects”. There is a beautiful logic behind how different nakshatras and their deities are geniously interconnected in this Sarvatobhadra Chakra. This will give you additional insights into the nature of the nakshatra and its interactions.

Please do keep in mind that this is not a book, but a compilation of slides for the purposes of in-depth study of the nakshatras.

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