Chart from the perspective of the tithis

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Have you ever wondered how differently your chart would look like from the perspective of the tithis?

Your birth lunar day has a very deep impact on the strength of the rashis and nakshatras, and the roles they play. Tithis can even impact the significance of the planets in your birth chart. Different tithis can cause defects such as shunya dosha, grahana yoga or dagdha yoga on your chart, which reflect our deep psychological and emotional blockages that we need to overcome in this lifetime in order to release the healthy flow of energy (soma).

Length: 4+ hours (two webinars)

The two webinars are part of our “Journey with the Moon” course. In these webinars, we will discuss the basics on how to look at a birth chart from the perspective of the tithis. Pre-read materials are included in this purchase.

Tutor: Achala

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Click here to watch a free introduction to the tithis in Vedic astrology.

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