Chaturdashi Tithi and Goddess Jwalamalini

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Chaturdashi tithi, presided over by the fiery Jwalamalini Devi, is the most intense lunar day of all. Its energy purifies us and transforms us, so we can let go of our old self and overcome all the obstacles on our path to fullness. Goddess Jwalamalini is the One who makes sure that you do not run away from your life’s tests.

Length: 2+ hours

Learn more about Goddess Jwalamalini and Chaturdashi tithi in this webinar, where we discuss their characteristics and traits, the cosmic influence, their connection with the nakshatras and chakras and more. You will learn how to observe its influence manifested in real life. Along with the webinar recording you will also receive a chapter from my book “Journey with the Moon” on Chaturdashi tithi and plenty of charts for self-study.

Tutor: Achala

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