Dhanishta Nakshatra (Preorder)


Discover the secrets of Dhanishta nakshatra in this almost 3 hours long session with 7 study cases and detailed knowledge of the symbolism and secrets of this lunar mansion. Along with the access to course recording you will also receive +20 pages of pre-read material about the symbolism of Vasus, presiding deities of this lunar mansion, 20 charts for study and visual charts.

This is a pre-order of the class which will take place on 4 May 2021, which also gives you the ability to join the live class!

Dhanishta nakshatra is presided by Vasus, the 8 elemental forces (sometimes also imagined as 8 primordial serpents), which create, sustain and transform this material universe – as well as our inner universe. Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Ether, Sun, Moon and the Star (which are the 8 Vasus) do not only exist in the external universe, but also represent different levels of our consciousness, starting from muladhara chakra (root) and ending with sahasrara (crown).

Tutor: Achala

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