Discovering Youniverse – ebook

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Discovering Youniverse” is a fascinating journey through your chakras, which helps you to understand how the macrocosm of planetary influences is connected to the microcosm of chakras within your subtle body. It is a revolutionary book in the world of Vedic astrology, in which the chakra system was for the first time consistently connected with the planets, zodiac signs and the nakshatras in the sky.

This beautifully illustrated book will take you on a journey within yourself and provoke you to think about some of life’s most important questions. In this book you will also find a powerful Vedic astrology technique which will allow you to see the true state of your chakras in less than 5 minutes – even if you have never practiced astrology before!

“Long, long ago one Divine Consciousness had a desire to become many and thus it had descended into the world through the ladder of your own chakras, creating its most wonderful piece of art: you.

Jyotish, Vedic astrology, is nothing else but the study of the movements of Divine Consciousness in our own individual lives, as manifested through planets, zodiac signs and nakshatras resonating within the chakras of our body. It is an ancient science of discovering how your own space-time is formed, where it is curved, and where it gravitates.

It is discovering you-niverse.

Are you ready?”

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