Journey with the Moon Course (Basic Option)


The eternal dance of the Sun and the Moon, who are the celestial representatives of the Divine masculine principle (Shiva) and the Divine feminine principle (Shakti), has inspired yogis, rishis, astrologers, poets and seers since time immemorial. In Vedic Astrology, we call this unique relationship between your natal Sun and natal Moon a tithi, a lunar phase.

Learn about the mysteries of the tithis and their lunar Goddesses, as well as their deep influence in a birth chart. This is the only course on the topic of the tithis in which we go so much into details. On this fascinating journey with the Moon, consisting of 20 webinar sessions, you will finally learn how to effectively interpret the tithi in a birth chart. You will also learn how to study the muhurta or answer any prashna questions. But above all, you will learn what life lessons each tithi is bringing you everyday and how to be more in tune with the natural lunar cycle, in order to benefit from it spiritually and materially.

This purchase gives you the access to:

  • all webinar recordings of the classes
  • pre-read materials and homework to enhance your learning process
  • our private Facebook research group


Tutor: Achala

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