Kalachakra Workshop

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Would you like to learn why some days feel more supportive than the others? Decipher the flow of cosmic energy in relation to your own birth chart with the help of the ancient wisdom of Kalachakra.

Kalachakra, the mystical Wheel of Time, is perhaps the most powerful tool in Vedic Astrology. It helps you to truly understand the flow of energy on different days and how to make the best use of it. It is a mystical diagram based on the 28-nakshatras system that shows you whether your personal life force is currently in tune with the flow of cosmic energy. And if it is out of tune, this system will give you some tips on how to correct it.

It is the study of the complex influence of the changing lunar days, weekdays and nakshatras on your personal birth chart, which makes it one of the most powerful tools for daily planning. Once you learn how the cosmic energy flows through Kalachakra, it will help you to read prashna charts more accurately and to choose the right remedy more easily.

We will also discuss the deities presiding over the 8 directions of Kalachakra (digpalas) and the 8 Yoginis (forms of Divine Mother) who can either block us or support us under different circumstances.

In my personal Vedic Astrology practice I found immense value in Kalachakra. Once you learn it, it is very simple to apply, despite having many different applications. All my astrology students were in awe seeing how simple, how accurate and how powerful this ancient technique is. This is why I have decided to create an in-depth webinar on Kalachakra, and I invite you all to join me.

This purchase gives you access to 4 webinar recordings (8+ hours), 10+ pages of pre-read materials and assignments to help your learning process. If you have any questions, you are always welcome to write to me. Please make sure you provide us with a correct email address which is connected to your YouTube account in order to gain access to the webinar recordings.

Tutor: Achala

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