Krittika Nakshatra


Discover the secrets of Krittika nakshatra in this webinar where we discuss its symbolism, mythology and astrological significance. Along with the video recordings, you will also receive 30+ pages of pre-read materials to enhance your learning process, including astrological information of Krittika, excerpts from the scriptures on the symbolism of Agni (the presiding deity of this lunar mansion), visual charts and 20 more study cases.

Length: 4+ hours

Dwelling partially in the sign of Aries and partially in Taurus, Krittika nakshatra inspires us to bring the light of truth and integrity into our lives. And since Aries is the head of Kalapurusha and Taurus the face of Kalapurusha, this nakshatra connects what is in our mind with our self-expression. It encourages us to let the light of our inspiration to shine through and manifests it into the world. Krittika blesses us with creative power, eloquence and communication skills. It helps us to translate our idea into the material world. It is a connection between fire and earth, heaven and earth, above and below. Since Moon is exalted in Krittika, it also make us more aware of the true desires of our soul and confronts us with truths about ourselves, so that we can become more refined in the fire of self-knowledge.

Tutor: Achala

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