Navagraha Course: Rahu – The North Node


This webinar is exclusively dedicated to Rahu, the eccentric North Node of the Moon. Rahu represents one of the two primary forces working behind our conscious mind and dwelling deep in our subconsciousness: the power of passion (raga). Along with the recording you will also receive a comprehensive pre-read material which is more than 50+ pages long.

Length: 9+ hours

In this webinar we are covering the following topics:

  • understanding the role of the Rahu in Vedic Astrology
  • Rahu’s etheric existence in astronomy
  • the life story of Rahu
  • Rahu seen through mythologies of different cultures
  • Rahu kala and its significance
  • how the movements of Rahu affect our energy body, psychology and physical body
  • characteristics of Rahu in Vedic Astrology (as per Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra) and his cosmic influence
  • influence of Rahu on health
  • different yantras and mantras connected to Rahu
  • gods and goddesses (adidevata, pratyadidevata, shaktis, dashavatar, mahavidyas) connected to Rahu
  • understanding Rahu through its nakshatras, tithis, karanas, yogas and rashis
  • Kala sarpa and Kala amrita yoga with their deeper significance
  • Guru chandal yoga and all other planetary conjunctions with Rahu
  • how to heal Rahu in a birth chart
  • meditating with Rahu
  • other less known secrets of Rahu


Tutor: Achala

Find out more about the Navagrahas course here.

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