Navagraha Yantras Colouring e-book


Navagraha yantras” is a beautifully designed e-book with 33 colouring stencils for the yantras of the planets. It unveils many mysteries of the yantras, the sacred process of their preparation and how to meditate with them. It also reveals some astonishing patterns present in the navagraha yantra, one of the most mysterious yantras used in Vastu. This book will give you an insight into the energies of different planets, as well as how to meditate with them while colouring. In other words, this short e-book is our invitation to you for connecting with the forces of the universe and discovering their beauty.

“Yantras, as we know them today, are the sacred geometric shapes of India, conduits of certain aspects of the all-pervading Divine energy. This Divine energy is ever present. It penetrates every atom around us and pervades each cell of our bodies. In today’s times, we can compare this subtle energy to WiFi – although WiFi is present in your home, you need an actual device to connect to it. These sacred “devices” which connect us to the Higher Source of energy are called yantras.”