Navagrahas Course

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This is a 36-session long course demystifying the Navagrahas. Over 100 hours in total, this is truly the first course of its kind. You will learn a lot about the planets and applying their wisdom in a practical way. You will also learn a lot more about yourself on this wonderful journey.

  • 36 live webinar sessions
  • 100+ hours of webinars
  • extensive pre-read materials and a daily dose of planetary inspiration

Each of the nine planets in Vedic Astrology is a Divine messenger, carrying with them some profound life wisdom. Navagrahas are perceived as no less than the direct manifestations of God, which govern various manifestations of this phenomenon called life. Although they dwell in the sky, they are the great teachers within us. Being directly connected to the chakras in our energy body, their influences shape our inner universe and constantly inspire us to become co-creators.

Are you ready to learn more about the You-niverse?

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