Navatara Nakshatra Workshop

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Did you know that every nakshatra in your birth chart has some special roles to play, and have their own meaning based on its position from your natal Moon? Learn the ancient system of Navatara (the 9-star system) and special taras (nakshatras counted from your natal Moon) and unveil the secrets of your own birth chart.

Length: 5+ hours 

On this in-depth workshop we will cover the meaning of every single nakshatra as counted from your birth nakshatra (Moon), and you will discover something you have never noticed before. Along with the webinar recordings, you will also receive 10+ pages of study materials with explanation of each tara (1 to 28).

We will discuss:

  • how differently the energy of each nakshatra will manifest based on its stellar position from the birth Moon
  • how to map it to Vimshottari Mahadasha and its subtle sub-periods
  • how to understand the pulse of Time

Tutor: Achala

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Student’s testimonies

“High recommended. You will be able to understand your chart and your life so much better once you have the knowledge of this Navatara scheme.”
– Waimay, UK

“Wow! What an amazing workshop, thank you very much.”
– Nazanin, UK

“This is a really exciting part of the class, mind is blowing!”
– Jennifer, US

“I greatly enjoy watching your videos. I find the content fascinating and you explain it so well. The whole thing is a delight to watch and listen to. Thank you and your husband for the spellbinding graphics. I am especially enjoying the Navatara Nakshatra workshop. This precious knowledge would otherwise be hidden to me so I am greatly grateful!”
– Daniel, Australia

“Thank you for this material, I find this course fascinating!”
– Frederic, Canada