Pushya Nakshatra

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Discover the secrets of Pushya nakshatra in this webinar, where we discuss its anatomy, symbolism, mythology and astrological significance. Along with the video recording, you will also receive 20+ pages of pre-read materials to enhance your learning process, including astrological information, excerpts from the scriptures on the symbolism and mythology of Brihaspati (the presiding deity of this lunar mansion) and 20 charts for study.

Length: 3 hours

Brihaspati literally means “the Lord of expansion” or “the Lord of vastness”. He helps us to keep our mind open for new ideas, and help them to emerge and blossom. He encourages us to express ourselves and our creativity. In this vastness, the deepest compassion and the most profound wisdom is found. Pushya nakshatra helps us to nourish all that is good within us. It helps us to find our Divine light and let it shine through. It inspires us to grow above our limitations, like a lotus flower pierces through the muddy surface and blossom into the most beautiful of all flowers. It teaches us not to be afraid to open our hearts, and inspires us to seek opportunity to grow in every sphere of our life.

Tutor: Achala

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