Seated on a Lotus – ebook


Dive deeper into the mysteries of this ancient Vedic hymn, Śri Sukta, dedicated to Goddess Śri. Seated on a lotus flower, Goddess Śri is the presiding deity of sattva guna, the purest state of mind. She represents the inner purity shining with golden splendour of the sun, moon and fire, and is identified with Goddess Lakshmi.

In “Seated on a Lotus”, you will find a translation of Mother Lakshmi’s own commentary to each of Her 53 mystical names in the hymn Śri Sukta, found in Lakshmi Tantra (a Pancharatra scripture). This commentary itself is so profound and spiritually rich that it will open up for you a new, esoteric insight into this sacred hymn. Mother Lakshmi also provided many mantras derived from those names and their benefits.You will also learn about the devatas and rishis presiding over each of the verses.

In this book, you will also find the author’s own translation of the Rigvedic hymn, based on the commentary from Mother Lakshmi Herself.