Shashti Tithi & Goddess Vajreshwari


On Shashti tithi Moon in the form of Goddess Vajreshwari gives us the necessary energy to give form to our dreams and make our ideas tangible and stable in the external world. After inspiring Panchami tithi, on Shashti, Goddess in the form of Vajreshwari gives us strength and power to realise all our ideas on material level and to find within ourselves the power to do so.

Learn more about Goddess Vajreshwari and Shashti tithi, sixth lunar day, in this 3+ hours long session, where you will also see its influence manifested in real life, while observing the charts of study cases of different people and events. Along with the access to the recording of the session you will also receive a chapter from “Journey with the Moon” about this specific tithi and plenty of study cases for self-study.

Tutor: Achala

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