Twelve Vedic Suns – ebook (preorder)


Twelve Vedic Suns” is going to be the first book ever dedicated exclusively to the topic of Adityas, twelve Sun-gods in Vedic Astrology and describing in detail all of their hidden meanings. Through different astrological principles, as well as mythological stories, you will learn on this journey with the Sun something more about Vedic Astrology and its 12 zodiac signs – but you will also learn more about yourself. After reading it, you will never look at the rashis in the same way. In the book will cover:

  • deep description of rashis (12 zodiac signs) from perspective of their Sun-gods, elements, chakras and nakshatras
  • detailed mythological stories about 12 Adityas along with their deeper, esoteric meanings
  • influence of movements of the Sun on our energy body and chakras, as well as the entire birth chart
  • meditation with each of the 12 Adityas

I am still in the process of writing “Twelve Vedic Suns”, and due to the enormous amount of time needed for research and bringing all the information together, I do not have a fixed day of publishing yet. The chapter on each of the 12 Adityas is going to have roughly 50 pages, which indicates that the entire book may have more 600 pages, when finished. The two ready chapters are going to be sent to you right after preorder. The free introduction chapter will be soon available to download.